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​Perrins Report - Stakeholder Input Invited

January 09, 2017
On December 21st the Government of Saskatchewan released the Educational Governance Review Report, Kindergarten to Grade 12.  Dan Perrins was commissioned to write the report based on the question "What system of governance and structure is needed in Saskatchewan's K-12 education sector to achieve the outcomes established by the Saskatchewan Plan...

Snow Days - Did You Know?

December 20, 2016
​…. The current practice in Saskatchewan of closing schools due to inclement weather is very rare.  The reasoning to have schools stay open is to ensure that should a child arrive at a school on a dangerously cold day or in adverse weather conditions, the school will be open and safe...

School Board Election 2016

August 30, 2016
​ Click HERE to view the Board Election Results.

211 Saskatchewan

November 14, 2015
​ Connect to the services you need.  211 Saskatchwan offers up-to-date and complete listings of over 5,000 social, community, health and government services across Saskatchewan ... Emergency Crisis Services/Hotline, Shelters, Child Care Services, Food Services, Financial Help, Newcomer Services, Aboriginal Services, Disability Services ... Visit to connect to services you...