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SE Saskatchewan Regional Science Fair

April 05, 2017

Science Fair 2017 Top 2.jpgOn Thursday, March 30, the SE Saskatchewan Regional Science Fair was held in Stoughton at the Stoughton Central School.  This was an all-day event with judging of projects in the morning and a public viewing with awards presented in the afternoon.  There were three schools involved, Carnduff, Yellow Grass, and Stoughton.  Each school went through a selection process to determine which projects would advance out of their school.  There were a total of 42 projects in attendance at the Regional Fair.  The day was a great success. 

The students were able to showcase their projects to the judges while gaining invaluable feedback from the judges.  Communication skills (verbal, written, and artistic) are a must in addition to the scientific skill (use of the scientific method) that is evident in their projects.  This is where it becomes evident that science fair projects can be truly cross-disciplinary in how they are carried out.  This was also our first year with having an “Art of Science” contest.  We had just one entry, but it is expected to grow as this becomes more commonplace and as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) driven education programs evolve into STEAM where Art is being recognized as well as an invaluable component to all parts of STEM – think of all of the diagrams, animations, posters, models, songs, poems, stories, etc. we use to increase our understanding of difficult topics. ScienceFair2017TopBoard.JPG

Besides judging, from the SE Cornerstone Public School Division, Coordinator of Instructional Technology Peggy Lawson and Information Technology Consultant Jeff Walters were there to demonstrate to the students the technology that is being used in education and in the real-world.   This was a great chance for our students to stay occupied while waiting to be judged as well as have a unique hands-on experience with the equipment. We had two display booths as well provided by the Lower Souris Watershed Authority and the Sun Country Health Region to provide information to our students.  The afternoon afforded the members of our school division office, the public, and the students of the Stoughton Central School the opportunity to check out the projects and see what a science fair is all about.  At the end of the day, after much deliberation by the judges, the awards presentation was held.  Here are the award results from the day:

Primary (Grades 5 and 6):

Gold - Emily Q (Yellow Grass) - Emily's Thumb Guard

Silver - Mikayla M and Lydia D (Yellow Grass) - Helmet Headphones

Bronze - Emily R and Alejandra S (Yellow Grass) - Potassium Permanganate

Junior (Grades 7 and 8):

Gold - Mariah M (Carnduff) - Moisturizer vs chlorine

Silver - Jade E and Shaylee B (Carnduff) - What would you choose?

- Brynn L and Bri R (Carnduff) - Dark vs Light

Bronze - Karson P and Dylan C (Stoughton) - Cleaner Water for the Environment

- Ty G and Jaxon C (Yellow Grass) - Bike Generator

- Jamie L (Carnduff) - Who is stronger?

Intermediate (Grades 9 and 10)

Gold - Leah M and Claire L (Carnduff) – Alzheimer’s and Visual Perception

Silver - Meegan H and Faith H (Carnduff) - Bioelectric Cell

- Isaiah S (Carnduff) - Illusions: Eye See Age

Bronze - Shoni K (Stoughton) - No Power, No Problem

- Bradie B and Clarissa M (Yellow Grass) - Music and Memory

- Payton B and Lexi R (Carnduff) - Forget Me Not

Senior (Grades 11 and 12)

Gold - Josie C and Olivia A (Stoughton) - 10-69: Message Received

Silver - Declan C (Stoughton) - An Analysis of Opioids and Addiction

Bronze - Trey S and Cale P (Stoughton) - Caffeine Performance

- Dillon W and Nathaniel W (Stoughton) - Do You "Truss" These Bridges

Special Awards:

- Agriculture in the Classroom: Shoni K (Stoughton) - No Power, No Problem

- SOEEA (SK Outdoor Education and Environmental Association): Kyle K (Stoughton) - Living With Sunshine

- Science Centre Award: Pacey Z (Yellow Grass) - Crystals

- Art of Science: Jessica C and Jordyn B (Yellow Grass) - The Art of Space

- Top Project (Canada Wide Science Fair entry): Leah M and Claire L (Carnduff) – Alzheimer’s and Visual Perception

- The top project selected will advance on to compete at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Regina from May 14 to 21. 

This is such an exciting opportunity for these two girls!!

Congratulations to all of our participants!  You have won by just doing a science fair project as you challenged yourself to do science, by being a scientist.  Thank you for doing your projects and sticking with it.  Thank you to the parents, the SE Cornerstone Public School Division, the schools, staff, and the communities that support these projects and fairs. 

Thank you to Director of Education Lynn Little and Superintendent of Schools Kevin Hengen for being in attendance and giving your support.  Thanks to Peggy Lawson and Jeff Walters for bringing in the technology and working with the students throughout the day.  Thank you to the judges for rearranging schedules to help us out! A special thank you to our sponsors that allow for this to take place and for getting our projects to the Canada Wide competition.  And a huge thank you to the Stoughton Central School and teacher, Michael Van Betuw, for hosting this year.  It was a great facility and a great day!

Science Fair  2017 Intermediate Bronze.jpg

Science Fair 2017 - Ag in the Classroom Award.jpgScience Fair 2017 - Intermediate Silver.jpg 

Science Fair 2017 - Senior Silver.jpg Science Fair 2017 - Silver Gold.jpgScience Fair 2017 Junior Gold.jpg

  Science Fair 2017 - SK Outdoor Award.jpgScience Fair 2017 - Science Centre Award.jpgScience Fair 2017 Senior Bronze.jpg

Submitted by Jessica Morland