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As a means of providing equitable opportunities for students, South East Cornerstone School Division provides online education to high school students across the school division. Cyber Stone now offers sufficient programming options that students may obtain all graduation requirements in an online environments.

All Cyber Stone classes are provided asynchronously -  virtual classrooms are open and available to students 24/7 and do not have specific class meeting times.  Students and teachers are in frequent and regular contact, primarily through email. Live, online meeting and tutorial sessions with the course teacher are available.  Regular "attendance" and participation by students is mandatory.

Cyber Stone does not offer summer school at this time.


South East Cornerstone students will register for online courses through their local school principal.

Students (age 21 and younger) who are not attending another SE Cornerstone school, home-based education students, students from other school divisions (external students), and adult students (age 22 and older), must complete the 2016-2017 Cyber Stone registration form and return to the Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Peggy Lawson. 
It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all necessary pre-requisites have been met before applying to a course.


Students under the age of 22 who are registered within South East Cornerstone Public School Division have no tuition charges for any courses offered by the school division. Some courses may have a materials fee and/or a refundable textbook deposit.
External and adult students are assessed tuition of $500 per course.
For more information contact Peggy Lawson:

2016- 2017 Courses

Courses​ ​Teacher
​ELA​ELA 8​Delise Pitman

​ELA 9​​Heidi Hesselink

​ELA A 10, B 10 ​Delise Pitman
​ELA 20 ​Delise Pitman
​ELA A 30, B 30 ​Michele Amy
​Math​Math 8Mark Pitman​
​Math 9​​Mark Pitman

​Workplace & Apprenticeship 10 ​Cathy Webb
​Workplace & Apprenticeship 20 ​Cathy Webb
​Workplace & Apprenticeship 30 ​Cathy Webb
​Foundations & Pre-Calculus 10 ​Will Elliott
​Foundations 20 ​Will Elliott
​Foundations 30 ​Cathy Webb
​Pre-Calculus 20 ​Will Elliott
​Pre-Calculus 30 Will Elliott
​Calculus 30 ​Will Elliott
​ScienceScience 8Melissa Magnusson​
​Science 9​​Mark Pitman

​Science 10 ​Michele Andrews
​Physical Science 20 ​Michele Andrews
​Environmental Science 20 ​Michele Andrews
​Physics 30​Michele Andrews
​Earth Science 30​Michele Andrews
​Computer Science 20​Melissa Magnusson
​Phy​​sical Ed ​Wellness 10 Caroline Gillies
Social​Social Studies 8​Mark Pitman
​Social Studies 9​Mark Pitman

​Social Studies 10 ​Delise Pitman
​History 30: Canadian Studies ​Delise Pitman
​Law 30 ​Delise Pitman
​Psychology 30 ​Heidi Hesselink
​PAA ​Accounting 10, 20 ​Melissa Magnusson
PAA Survey: Ag Production 20​Michele Andrews
​Agriculture 30 ​Michele Andrews
​Food Studies 30 ​Caroline Gillies
​Interior Design 30 ​Caroline Gillies
​Life Transitions 30 ​Michele Amy

PAA Survey: Media & Communications 20

​Melissa Magnusson


Adult 12

If you are 18 and have been out of school for at least a year, you are eligible to obtain an Adult 12. Under the Adult 12 Policy, an adult may attain a Grade 12 standing by successfully completing 7 credit classes. Prerequisite requirements are waived for adults. Credits may be attained by taking the course from a Saskatchewan secondary school, by correspondence, or a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution approved to offer secondary level courses. Adults also have the option of challenging a departmental examination.

Compulsory courses for Adult 12 (secondary completion) are:

  • English Language Arts A 30 and English Language Arts B 30;
  • One Canadian Studies course (History 30, Native Studies 30, or Social Studies 30)
  • One level 20 or level 30 mathematics;
  • One level 20 or level 30 science;
  • Two electives at level 30 (one may be Prior Learning 30; locally-developed courses may also be used to meet elective requirements)
  • Courses from the following series may also meet requirements for completion: 21, 31; 20A, 30A

Credits obtained through the K-12 system may be transferred to the Adult 12 program.



Courses Not Offered

If you are interested in a course that we do not offer, you may want to see what is available from other Saskatchewan school divisions ( Families will be responsible for paying tuition costs for courses delivered from other school divisions.
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