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​Perrins Report - Stakeholder Input Invited

January 09, 2017

Perrins Report.PNG On December 21st the Government of Saskatchewan released the Educational Governance Review Report, Kindergarten to Grade 12.  Dan Perrins was commissioned to write the report based on the question "What system of governance and structure is needed in Saskatchewan's K-12 education sector to achieve the outcomes established by the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth and the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP)?"  Within the report there is a review of the historical delivery of education in the province.  The report provides possible considerations for the structure and governance of education in the province moving forward. 

The Government is seeking input from stakeholders.  Within the process there are a couple of options for input if desired. 

Stakeholders are invited to make submissions either through an on-line forum or through an email submission.  Boards of Education in the province have been invited to come before the Panel.  The Board of Education of SECPSD is scheduled to meet with the Panel. 

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